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Osteoporosis Disease Management

Osteoporosis is a silent disease that has no signs or symptoms. One in two women and one in four men will have a fracture due to osteoporosis.  

Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group Orthopaedics   has a fragility liaison service and bone health clinic to focus on osteoporosis. Our primary goal is to keep you from having fragility fractures.   

More on the Bone Health Clinic

Northwestern Medicine’s Bone Health Clinic: What We Do

  • Discuss your medical history and perform a physical exam to evaluate risk factors for osteoporosis and fractures
  • Coordinate lab and radiology services to assess your bone health
  • When indicated, we prescribe medication to strengthen your bones and help decrease your risk of fracture
  • Educate you about your disease, and teach you about exercise and fall prevention
  • If you have sustained a fragility fracture, we can coordinate your care to reduce your future fracture risk and prevent secondary fractures 

You may be at risk for osteoporosis if you:

  • Are a woman older than 65 or a man older than 70
  • Are older than 50 and have broken a bone in a simple fall
  • Have low hormone levels (post-menopausal women, low testosterone men)
  • Have family members with a history of a hip fracture or a diagnosis of osteoporosis
  • Have a thin or small body frame
  • Smoke
  • Take medications that can decrease your bone strength such as prednisone or glucocorticoids

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